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PLEASE NOTE: Canton Leisure Services continues to enact programming modifications in response to the latest mandates from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Order.  Review what will directly be impacted here. New Virtual and In-Person Programs New Virtual and In-Person Programs

Canton Leisure Services is a proud provider of family events and activities, as well as health and wellness, and additional recreational opportunities for the community. In response to the global health crisis and the inevitable changes to classes and programs, we have decided to not publish a Spring and Summer 2021Discover Brochure activity guide. Instead, the department will be utilizing this website, our Facebook pages, and our e-newsletters to help bring more current program offerings and updates to Canton. These virtual marketing tools will help us continue to roll out new program opportunities, better update residents regarding cancellations, or postponements, and will ultimately enable us to better connect with the community in real time.

For additional information, call 734/394-5360 or email

Class/Program Withdrawal

Need to withdraw from a class, program or event? Fill out the Canton Leisure Services Program Satisfaction/Withdrawal Form online at least 24 hours prior to the start of the program or event.  For assistance, call 734/394-5460 or email

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REGistration Information

PLEASE NOTE:  Canton Leisure Services may modify programs impacted by "Pause To Save Lives" order. Click to learn complete details.

Canton Leisure Services has put together an exciting lineup of fun programming that will be both engaging and safe for all participants.

Spring/Summer 2021 OFFERINGS: 

Pre-registration is required for all Leisure Services classes, programs and events. Find information and registration details for all classes and special events online in Canton Leisure Services' CivicRec Catalog. If you have questions about registration, please let us know at or by calling 734/394-5460.

Stay in-the-Know:

Great ways to stay current with new and upcoming program and event opportunities-